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by MollyJohansen
|| Double-Cyclone ||


It was never calm for a man like the albino, going around land in land, day and night, spreading horrors and ‘salvation' everywhere he went. The truth is that, he liked it that way, he enjoyed preaching Jashin's words and action to those sinful persons, painting whole villages with the blood of the peasants that lived there. Those who were 'smart' would run away trembling and fearing for their lives. That was one of the things the Jashinist enjoyed the most… being feared.

       Today was no different , except for the fact he arrived to a place he had never seen before.

It was , different, and it had a devilish aura surrounding it; not that the male understood much of it but the air felt heavier than before. It was night, but alot darker than before, darkish clouds covered the whole sky leaving only the full moon to lurk; that was the only light that could be seen this evening. It was eerie and maybe that’s why this person liked it so much.

The man sat down on a rock that was nearby as he put away the large weapon. His silver-hair glistened with the luster of the big moon and amethyst eyes looked around analyzing the beauty of that place. He always wanted to travel, for a long time that was his dream and now it was the start of it. He would have all the time in the world to do it because that’s part of being an immortal…Time wouldn’t matter anymore.

It was then, when he was relaxing, that he heard the loud turmoil not far from where he was standing. The Jashinist cursed getting up from the place he was sitting in, once again someone interrupted the silence he was so much enjoying. Picking up his large scythe he follow the laughs that suddenly turned into desperate screams. He rushed there, stopping at a tree near the place where it all happened. His eyes widenned at the horrors… Blood was everywhere, and the floor was full of bodies; the man couldn’t count how many since they were all ‘cut’ to pieces. Next to the demoniac scene was a blood trail that Hidan carefully followed, looking closely he could see the marks of large paws on the ground.

  What he saw next was something he wasn’t ready to.
Passing over the bushes that were covering the rest of the scenario he saw it an huge wolf , bigger than any other that he had seen before .. But that wasn’t what surprised him the most, the monster suddenly morphed back to a naked form of a women, golden strings of hair gleamed at the moonlight. Hidan was speechless and motionless. He had never heard of person’s that could turn into animals, and sure not as big as that one… It was the first time he witnessed such a thing.

An evil smirk crossed the albino’s face. She was too much fun to kill, for now, he was curious and he had no interest in making her a sacrifice… yet. He figured she had noticed his presence by now, so there was no meaning in keeping hidden anymore so he got closer.


         “What a friggin’ performence there! What the hell happened?” he asked

Performance… What a sinister way of putting it. The blonde wasn’t exactly expecting more ‘company’ and she surely was not prepared for a second scramble, although as menacing as this man’s aura was, she felt in her core that there was no threat. Rather there was, interest. The man behind would get but only a turn of a blood patched ear and an over the shoulder glare from her more, unusual, left eye. Nothing special to her, a deformity from birth, but kept hidden behind a long waterfall of gold. It was something unseen before, for what seemed as everyone she ever met, so as to avoid conversation about it or giving off an ‘evil’ outlook, it was hidden. Right now she really didn’t care.

A turn was made, just enough to point a shoulder to her guest, and then she stepped back to lean against a tree for support. As it was in her wolf form every injury she had gotten was with her right now. Minor cuts and bruises were healing, much slower than normal, but they were healing. The knife wound in her shoulder blade however was taking its time to just stop the trickles of blood from pooling down her pale nude form.

Nudity. It was something that she could not understand properly on to just why it was such a big deal. A wolf did not have clothing, a coat of fur, but it was still unclothed. The only thing she understood was that not everyone thought as she did and under better circumstances her clothing would have been upon her at the change. It was her own fault for the amount of energy used that was having her figure seem so much heavier than it was. Heck, her very own tail felt like an anchor.

There was no breath for answers for it was being used to keep the healing a go, so she was forced to result to telepathy. She first laid her azure orb upon him, then closed her eyes, and thought, responding to the man with the connection of their minds. ‘Idiotic humans wishing to put a lone wolf down.’ she began; no breathing efforts in this she had her voice much more normal than it would have been being past her lips, still, the tone was soft and smooth, loud enough to be audible, but gentle enough to keep emotions at bay. ‘I may be bathed in blood patches right now but it is noticeable that you are just as blanketed in the crimson.’ The woman pondered if the stranger would take advantage of the situation to eliminate her; he seemed more of the type to have play with his victim, so perhaps she was safe. Either way she had a plan.

'The night here may be silent now, but a shower is approaching. Begone and find yourself shelter. I have no interest in you.' the words may have seemed harsh, her tone was still held fast to that of silk.

She herself would need to find shelter though the thought of a good shower to erase the icing of blood would keep her stationary.

Solitude was more of what she wanted.


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██ — ☀
             Anko was partway through the third piece of delectable Dango. Why she had thought it was a good idea to eat and walk all at once, was beyond her, for the kunoichi collided with another the moment she turned the corner into the congested market area.

                      “—My dango! No!”



        She supposed it was one of those ‘there at the right moment’ events but then again she didn’t exactly believe in chance. The mixed-blood had been exploring, as usual, in the tree-tops when she had caught glimpse of what was going on in the market area. Having already explored that area she was quick to make over and hang down from an overseeing tree-limb to pinch the treat which had gone in air. “… That could have stabbed you if you were eating.” she softly commented. "I ask that you try to keep better mindful of your surroundings if you so must eat and walk, Madam."