{+}/ Day two with the bf and it’s been amazing. I was nervous to meet him in actual real life, but that was soon replaced with cuddles and lil pecks. He is really a fantastic guy and… I am so blessed.

On another note, like I said in an anon ask I do have a blog for ANYONE who needs to vent, seek guidance, or just ask about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ an His Father, and The Holy Spirit. I am not here to judge anyone because I do not have the right to for we are all sinners. Atheists, Homosexual, even people with a different religion are welcome to ask questions. If you want to chat privately that’s cool too!

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Anonymous: God is not a mean god? The bible begs to differ. He is a cruel deity. He's harmed innocents as vengeance by proxy to his enemies, committed genocides, allowed child sacrifices, condemned virgins to be raped, killed Egyptian firstborns to punish their stubborn king, killed those who had different religions and beliefs. Innocents in Gaza are dying, and you dare mock the deaths with your beliefs that God is protecting Israel and what's going on is "birth pains"? You sicken me with your ignorance.

Like I said. Don’t like me then you are more than welcome to leave. The mere fact that you are arguing rather than trying to discuss this matter with me, that makes you ignorant. God is God. He is a jealous God, a Mighty God, but most of all He is my Father. Have you not spoken with God? He has all the answers. I pray for you to open your eyes a little, open your mind. Give God a chance. Give Jesus a chance. It is true that a Christians life is a lot harder after they first declare their loyalty, you know why? That’s the devil working. ‘Why did God allow this to happen?’ Everything has a reason. The devil is what ticks at your mind, your soul, that God is to blame and that He is the source to your pain. The devil is a fox, master of tricks, and he is very cunning. Would you at least, for yourself, think back on the bad times and think on a viewpoint of God and Satan. Look at the good times the same way. If you would like to discuss those with me and their connection I would be more than happy to chat with ya. I actually have a blog for such, for people whom need someone to vent to, to seek some advice. The tumblr blog URL is christian-rocker. Hope to chat with you again!

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hakamorra: "scorpion-stings has started following you" YOU BETRAYED MEEEEE



OutOfPuppets: When I’m on mobile this is how I show my love. I unfollow then follow everyone you~


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{+}/ -whale noises-
My bf from Canada just arrived at my house! This is the first time we have seen officially seen each other in real life face to face! It sure beats the webcam. PFT. HE IS SO HANDSOME IN PERSON AND JUST CINEIXJEIHD. I’m so blessed to have him.~ God got him here safely.~ uwu

But yee. Ima be spending most of my time with him for the two weeks he is here. Might pop in once and a while but yeeee.


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{+}// Sorry but I must make this post. It’s about the stuff going on with Gaza soooo read or not it is your choice.

I go to the tag featured for this news and all I see is support for Gaza. Pray for Gaza. Now I understand that people are dying, children are dying, and I do pray for those…

If you think Israel wants peace, this is what you should do:
a) pick up a fucking history book
b) read about the creation of the Israeli state
c) read about the destruction of the Palestinians
d) realise you are an ignorant person and your views are extremely flawed
e) delete your comment
f) also seeing as you are a Christian, read about how the Jewish state treats Christians in Palestine
g) read some more.

Educate yourself. Thank you.

And here is what you should do; don’t like don’t comment. Also the ignorant one here is you for using such foul language. It doesn’t make you look anything but more like a disgraceful person. I know that no nation is perfect but you know what? A nation isn’t wrong or right without people. Nasty people running a bank won’t stop you from getting what you need out of the bank. You have to deal with it. You’re the ignorant one here, dear. I will not delete the post because it is my blog. I have my opinions. You have yours.

Agree to disagree?

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{+}// Sorry but I must make this post. It’s about the stuff going on with Gaza soooo read or not it is your choice.

I go to the tag featured for this news and all I see is support for Gaza. Pray for Gaza. Now I understand that people are dying, children are dying, and I do pray for those innocent children but who started this? Gaza. Who wanted peace? Israel. Israel gave them TWO chances to sign peace but it was refused.
Being a Christian does not mean I look at it from only my point of view, I view the facts. The fact is, this is all in the Bible. When nations turn against The Holy Land, Israel, this is but the birth pains of what is to come when Christ returns.
On the news so far that I have seen several people have been killed on the side with Gaza, but only one in Israel. Does this not strike you as odd? With the surprise attack more people should be dead but no. My belief to this is that God is protecting them as much as he can.
Those at the hospital on the other side, the sick, the kids, God has peace in plan for them as well. God is not a mean God, but he is our Father. Dad’s protect their children with and iron fist, but they are just as gentle as a mother bear. Do not think one sidedly. View it in all angles.

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I am an awkward jellyfish.

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tell me on anon why y’all ignore me this much

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nominee 1 of 6
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scope out all the other nominees and see who’s in the lead. then watch the mtvU fandom awards on sunday, july 27 at 8/7c on mtv to see which o.g. fandom takes the crown!
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{+}// So I had an idea on how to get my mom to understand what I mean by roleplay online. All I had to do was mention Clint Eastwood and mom was all excited; “Oh I’d definitely be Kitty! I could play her part good I know that!” Oh mom. You have no idea the depth…

But with that she mentioned my bro when he was little dressed up in a Power Ranger full suit. I explained to her that’s cosplay, which she was confused about before as well.

So I think I just leveled up?
Or got an achievement?
Either way I finally got mom to understand my joy of the Internet world.

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Headcanon Meme Time!


⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

⏀ describe their usual smile

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

✑ describe something they like without naming it

✜ what’s their posture like in a normal situation?

❖ describe their hands

❞ write a quote they would find themselves saying

§ how would their hair gray? or would they lose their hair first?

❤ describe how they show affection.

✭ what is one of their favorite items?

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*interal anger*

//: Attack on titan better win. Sorry…

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What Mythical Creature Are You?




Nice test.

ooc; welp Jareth got a Unicorn and mun got a siren

((Mun got a siren and muse got a demon akxisncmdnlol))

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